About Us

Oak Hollow Furniture was launched in early 2020 with a mission to provide a better furniture experience for a better price. Does that sound cliché or predictable? Then let us elaborate a little bit more:

Furniture businesses have been around for generations. When the dot-com bubble hit, furniture companies were far behind the times and largely did not make the switch. Even today, many furniture companies are exclusively brick-and-mortar or only go through large distributors. The B2C market in the furniture industry is full of products - but they are largely overpriced and under quality.

Searching for an office chair online will yield you unlimited results, yet hardly any options because every chair has been duplicated multiple times and produced with cheaper components. Many furniture companies cut quality to drop price because they know what sells online. Simply do a search on any large marketplace for an office chair and you'll see what we mean - cheap plastic, small build, non-adjustable components, hardly any support - the market is rampant with cheap options.

We launched Oak Hollow Furniture with a mission to carry only high quality products for competitive prices. You will find our chairs carry the specs of many $1,000+ chairs for roughly half the price. We make it a point to offer you unique designs and quality products so you know you are getting something worth your investment.

We believe that a chair should be an investment in your health. Whether you work from home or spend long days at the office, there is no reason to settle for a cheap, uncomfortable chair. Just because a chair shows up first in search results does not mean it is the best chair for you. For a long time consumers have rewarded sellers for bringing in the cheapest materials to produce barely adequate products. We believe this will come to an end, and in the meantime, we will stand by our products for the research, quality, and care that goes into each one.


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