Aloria Series Leather Office Chair with Headrest

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The Aloria Series leather office chair by Oak Hollow Furniture comes fully loaded with several adjustable & ergonomic features, all in a super comfortable chair. It is designed for long hours of use in a workplace or home-office setting. This model...

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The Aloria Series leather office chair by Oak Hollow Furniture comes fully loaded with several adjustable & ergonomic features, all in a super comfortable chair. It is designed for long hours of use in a workplace or home-office setting. This model of the Aloria Series features a soft and supple leather seat, available in red, gray, or black.


  • Genuine Cowhide Leather seat cushion, made with high density molded foam.
  • 4-Way Adjustable armrests allowing you to move the armrests up/down, forwards/backwards, and in/out
  • Seat Depth Adjustment allows you to move the seat bottom in and out to assist users of different leg heights.
  • 4-Way Synchro Tilt Lock allows you to lean the chair backwards and lock it into 4 different places, or leave unlocked for a free floating tilt
  • Adjustable Lumbar support which enables you to get the right amount of support for your backside
  • Seat Height Adjustment to ensure the chair can adapt to users of different heights as well as tables of different heights!
  • Detachable Adjustable Headrest ensures your neck and head are properly supported over periods of long use!
  • Peace of Mind with the Oak Hollow Furniture lifetime warranty on components and 5 year warranty on the leather & foam.

Quick Specs:
Material: Genuine Leather Seat with Mesh Backrest
Series: Aloria Series
Recommended Weight Limit: 300 Lbs.
Seat Width: 21.5"
Seat Depth: 20-22.25"
Seat Height From Floor: Varies by cylinder choice. Range of 18"-25" available.
Back Width: 21"
Back Height: 23.5"
Additional Features: Synchro Tilt with Multi-Position Lock, Tilt Tension Control, Seat Slider, Adjustable Lumbar Support, Multifunctional Armrests, Aluminum Package

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Customer Reviews

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Sherif Attia
Decent Chair for Tall People


After posting my review I was contacted by their customer service and was told a replacement cylinder would be mailed to me.

At 6’10” it has been hard for me to find a chair that allows me to sit in an ergonomical position. With the ability to raise the seat up to 25” I’ve been excited to try this chair. Unfortunately the tall cylinder I received with this chair refuses to stay at 25”. After sitting on it the seat will slowly drop 2 to 3 inches. Probably not a huge deal for most but for someone at my height those 2/3 inches make a big difference. Crossing my fingers the replacement cylinder allows this chair to remain at 25”.

It’s strange that the leather, mesh, and fabric versions have different maximum heights. I wish that difference was explained more. Prior to buying I reached out to learn more about this difference but sadly no one got back to me so I crossed my fingers and bought the leather one.

The headrest at its highest setting was too short for me so I’ve removed it. It’s nice that the headrest is designed as an optional piece. For tall customers like myself I’d recommend getting the version without the headrest.

Lastly this chair seems to be cheaper on Amazon but it’s unclear if when purchasing it on Amazon you get the tall cylinder that allows you the 25” in seat height.

I’ll post an updated review after testing out the replacement cylinder. Hopefully it’ll allow the chair to remain at the advertised 25”


Unresponsive Customer Support

Got a chair with a faulty cylinder. It has been impossible to get a hold of someone to send me a replacement cylinder.

Anuj Sheoran

Aloria Series Leather Office Chair with Headrest

Jim S.
A Bit Underwhelming

I'm a big guy - 6'6", 290 lbs. I need a home office chair that's all-day comfortable and durable.

First, the chair is well built. I assembled it in 20 minutes without the aid of the instructions. Within 5 minutes, I learned all of the controls. Wheels are smooth and the chair is sturdy.

My main complaint with my last chair was the discomfort I felt where my tailbone met the seat. The Aloria chair allows the seat to move forward enough to where my tailbone is not touching the seat. A big win for that!

My problem with the Aloria is twofold - the mesh back is unforgiving and at the end of the day it feels like I've been kidney-punched all day long. I've adjusted the back support to every level, but it doesn't help. My second issue is with the head rest. While it adjusts up and down, there is no front to back adjustment. When sitting in my most upright position, the back of my head is still 3-4" from the head rest. To lay my head against the head rest requires that I tilt my head back and turn my face to the ceiling - very uncomfortable.

For stability, adjustability and seat comfort, I give this chair a 5. For back and head comfort, it gets a 2. Arm rests are adjustable but hard and could use some padding. They get a 3. At $600, I probably would not buy this chair again.

David B.
Not satisfied considering the price

I bought this chair through Amazon from Oak Hollow. For me, the real issue is that the arms on the thing squeak constantly and to the point that it is every time I move. I have to have the arm support due to my wrists needing to be straight while typing, so this is disappointing that the slightest movement from hands causes the chair to squeak. It has even interrupted conference calls. Is there anything that can be done to stop this issue?

Jim Adkins
Great Chair

The chair is not inexpensive, but worth every penny. It's solid and quality construction....I'm a big guy (6'-2" 220#) and the chair is quiet and doesn't squeak and make noises when I sit in it or move around. It's also the most comfortable chair I've owned. It's worth the cost over a lower quality chair.


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